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The Man Behind Lady Selection 


Saurabh Srivastava was born on  8th October 1980 in Allahabad. Completed his schooling from Boys High School with an ICSE board in India later he shifted to U.S. .Worked in an Indian Airforce for 15 Years. After completing his 15 years job of an Indian Airforce.He worked in various airlines. His father Lt Sushil  Srivastava  worked for the Indian Government. They all belong from  Phulpur which is 35 KM from an Allahabad , but since his grandfather was already settled in US , later on his whole family too shifted in United States Of America Since 1962.

Even though they settled in U.S. but always remained in touch with India through their friends and relatives. He always had an interest in designing since his childhood. He never lost his passion for fashion designing even he got selected in Indian Air force .He used to sketch designs , check the various fabrics and patterns.

Saurabh – Designer, Business Owner, established his own company in 2001, Ladies Selection Inc. as well as his ready-to-wear line. He was influenced by couturier Paul Poiret, who was renowned for jettisoning corseted, over-long dresses and promoting styles that enabled freedom of movement for the modern, elegant and sophisticated woman. Saurabh had no training in the technical skills of pattern making and clothing construction. His method of approach relied on both impulse of the moment and the serendipitous inspiration as the work progressed. He used to drape fabric directly on the body of the models. This technique followed the lead of Poiret who too had created garments by manipulating and draping. The results appeared uncontrived and wearable. According to Saurabh , however part of this perception is related to the fact that the garments that are eventually talked about are the ones that are the most innovative, in some cases even described as ‘wearable art’ and not the rest of the collections that show highly wearable garments. He was famous for having designed much of the personal and professional wardrobe clothing for various known personalities.


He won many renowned awards on National Level and was also named in the International Best Dressed List , Hall of Fame. He also showcased his work in Elaradi fashion Week. He won in Rosemarie Fashion Show in 2015. He was even listed among the renowned fashionishta’s ,Fiona Couture ,Lukka , Mario Xkembri etc.. 

His style was marked by innovation, contrary to the more conservative designs. He was the youngest designer of the progressive  fashion scene. His first collections were characterized by the use of rather cheap fabrics for financial reasons, but they always piqued curiosity through their design. HIs first step in creating a new design is researching current fashion and making predictions of future trends, using trend reports published by fashion industry trade groups also took inspirations from his regular surroundings, from the cultures he have experienced and places he have visited, or from various art media that inspire them.

Operating now in US Street, Saurabh’s Fashion Portal boasts a colorful array of dresses, skirts, blouses, kaftans, gowns, jewellry and clutches bearing his unique prints. To aspiring entrepreneurs, Saurabh says that the two things you must possess to be successful is perseverance and discipline when dealing with time and money.


Saurabh draws much of his inspiration from Tiki Togs – by local Designer from Tanya Whiteside. Aside from fashion, Saurabh dedicates a lot of his time and clothes for charity – particularly Cure Kids and WOWS , Fiji and enjoys travelling when his hectic schedule will allows it.

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